Funny In Theory

Icehole, ABBA, and Old Hoss | EP 17

December 01, 2021 St. Paul Saints Season 1 Episode 17
Funny In Theory
Icehole, ABBA, and Old Hoss | EP 17
Show Notes

Welcome to Episode 17 of Funny In Theory, a podcast from the St. Paul Saints that goes behind the scenes of the St. Paul Saints Entertainment Team with Entertainment Director, Joshua Will, and Vice President, Brand Marketing and Experience, Sierra Bailey.

In Episode 17, Josh and Sierra discuss potential future promotions and a new Ushertainer. They talk about their volunteer experience and ABBA (just listen, it'll make sense). Sierra talks about the winter meetings and they wrap up the episode with their idea for Episode 21.

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Produced by Joey Skare

Intro/Outro Song:
"House of Fun"
Written and performed by Nicholas David & Andrew Crowley
Mastering by Terry Manning