Funny In Theory

The Walrus, or 17 ********* | EP 38

May 09, 2022 Season 1 Episode 38
Funny In Theory
The Walrus, or 17 ********* | EP 38
Show Notes

Welcome to Episode 38 of Funny In Theory, a podcast from the St. Paul Saints that goes behind the scenes of the St. Paul Saints Entertainment Team with Entertainment Director, Joshua Will, and Vice President, Brand Marketing and Experience, Sierra Bailey.

In Episode 38, Josh and Sierra take a look forward at the first week of our first two-week homestand, from weather to updated promotions. Josh shares his debacle of trying to find hand warmers in a Cabela's. We debate what artists are "Classic Country" depending on what generation you are, and don't really find a conclusion.  They get ready for the upcoming nightly promotions and play a few more rounds of Would You Rather. Try and guess what word is redacted from the title of the episode! They end the episode with a throwback to Friends In Lowertown sung by Al Aboard.

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Produced by Joey Skare

Intro/Outro Song:
"House of Fun"
Written and performed by Nicholas David & Andrew Crowley
Mastering by Terry Manning